Making your brew process smarter
Build yourself your own OpenHardware devices to make greatest beers ever!

Let's brew!

How it works?


Build or buy your devices

Buy your tracking and control devices with our partners or you can build your own devices with different kind of development boards.


Create and adjust your recipes

Add malt, hop, yeast and water to your recipe, store it online for further adjust and when it will be ready let's brew!


Track your brew on your phone

Everything you need to know about your brew it will be on your hands. You can track all your brew process on your phone or on your computer.


Use the power of knowledge community to do awesome beers!


Create and adjust your beer recipes from anywhere. Adjust the ingredients and check changes on the density, color and final alcohol as soon as you change one of them.


Our system learn from the community how the next beer will be better than last batch and we suggest you small changes on your brew process and recipes applying all community knowledge's to your beers.

Open hardware

Use arduino, raspberry pi, freescale and other development boards and sensors to automate, track and analyze your brews on our platform anywhere anytime.